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Shipping Information & Packing Information

We hope you find ordering from a pleasant experience. Rare and Exotic Quality fish - is our specialty!

General Shipping Information

To ensure you receive the healthiest species available and to reduce the travel stress on your aquatic life, your order will be shipped overnight direct to your door using FedEx. The day your order ships, you will receive an e-mail containing your item numbers and tracking number so you can make arrangements for the arrival of your order. Please Note: We strongly encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery to prevent the aquatic life from being exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures. We ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of every week and will take most special requests.

General Packing Information

We have customized the way we ship live tropical fish to your door. Due to the high cost of shipping we have learned over the last 18 years how to use the smallest box/bag possible. We have customized different sized boxes for different sized fish. We use specially made shipping water with ammonia absorbance, slime coat, and antibiotic in it so that fish can thrive in smaller amounts of water that we ship in. All boxes are lined with Styrofoam and newspaper and double bagged with our custom bags. We add heat packs and ice packs when needed at no cost to you.

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