L Series Plecostomus

Wild Caught and Domestic Breed Pleco’s

We specialize in the biggest selection of wild caught pleco’s. If its pleco related we can get it. From algae eating pleco’s, to meat eating pleco’s. From small spot to big spot we have had them all. Certain species we will not be able to obtain as they are banned from collecting in Brazil, which is where they are from. All of our pleco’s are held in our facility for 3 weeks before released to our customer’s. All are de-wormed, eating good, and are healthy.

NOTE: please always check to insure that you have our current in-stock pricing list available above in PDF, this will help in keeping track of any current specials and/or bulk rates. Due to seasonality and availability, pricing is subject to change.

L-201 - Inspector Pleco

L- 002 Tiger Plecostomus L-006 Peckoltia Oligospila  L-007 Galaxy Pleco  L014 Goldy Pleco - Large
L-002 Tiger Pleco
(Panaque sp.)
L-006 Brown Dot Peckoltia
(Peckoltia oligopoly)
L-007 L-007 Galaxy Pleco L-014 Goldy Pleco
(Scobinancistrus Aureatus)
L - 015 Xingu Vittata  L018 Gold Nugget Pleco L-024 Redfin Cactus Pleco  L-025 Scarlet Pleco 
L-015 Xingu Vittata Pleco
(Peckoltia Vittata)
L-018 Gold Nugget Pleco
(Baryancistrus Sp.)
L-024 Redfin Cactus L-025 Scarlet Pleco
L-27a Panaque cf  L-027c Platinum Royal Pleco  L029 Galaxy Pleco  L- 032 Ancistrus 
L-027a Spotted Royal Pleco
(Panaque Cf. Nigrolineatus)
L-027c Platinum Royal Pleco L-029 Leporacanthicus Galaxias L-032 Ancistrus
L-034 Medusa Pleco  L-037 Honeycomb Pleco  L-038 Tiger Peckolita Pleco  L-046 Zebra Plecostomus 
L-034 Medusa Pleco L-037 Honeycomb L-038 Tiger Peckolita L-046 Imperial Zebra Pleco
(Hypancistrus Zebra)
L-047 Mango Pleco  L-048 Scobinancistrus Cf  L-052 Atabapo Butterfly Pleco  L-066 King Tiger 
L-047 Mango Pleco
(Baryancistrus Sp)
L-048 Scobinancistrus Cf.
L-052 Atabapo Butterfly Pleco
(Dekeyseria Sp.)
L-066 King Tiger Pleco
(Hypancistrus Sp.) (Tank Raised)
L-072 Yellow Prince Tiger Pleco  L-075 Para Pleco  L-080 Tocantins Tiger Pleco  L081 Xingu Gold Nugget 
L-072 Yellow Prince Tiger Pleco L-075 Para Pleco
(Peckoltia Sabaji)
L-080 Tocantins Tiger Pleco
(Peckoltia Sp.)
L-081 Xingu Gold Nugget
(Baryancistrus Sp.)
L-090 Papa Pleco  L-091 Three Beacan Pleco  L-095 Pellegrini Ancistus L - 100 Pepperment Ancistrus 
L-090 Papa Pleco
(Panaque Bathyphilus)
L-091 Red-Fin Blood spot Pleco
(Leporacanthicus Triactis)
L-095 Orange Cheek Pinecone Pleco
(Pseudorinelepis Sp.)
L-100 Pepperment Ancistrus
L104 Clown Pleco  L-107 Brillant Bristlnose Pleco  L-114 Redtail Sternella Pleco  L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco 
L-104 Clown Pleco
(Panaque Maccus)
L-107 Brillant Bristlnose Pleco
(Ancistrus Sp.)
L-114 Redtail Sternella Pleco
(Pseudacanthicus Cf. Leopardus)
L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco
(Hemiancistrus Sp.)
Colombian Zebra Pleco  L-134 Leapord Frog Pleco  L135 Wormline Pleco  L-136a Hypancistrus Sp. 
L-129 Colombian Zebra Pleco
(Hypancistrus Debilittera)
L-134 Leapord Frog Pleco
(Peckoltia Sp.)
L-135 Wormline Pleco
(Peckoltia Braueri)
L-136a Hypancistrus Sp.
(Fine Spot)
L-136B Hypancistrus Sp  L-144 Albino Ancistus  L-155 Spotted Adonis Pleco  L-160 Spiney Monster Pleco 
L-136b Hypansitrus Sp.
(Big Spot)
L-144 Albino Ancistrus
(Ancistrus Sp.) (Tank Raised)
L-155 Spotted Adonis Pleco
(Acanthicus Hystrix)
L-160 Spiney Monster Pleco
L163 Big Spot Peckoltia L169  gold tiger pleco Irri yellow Seam  L-180 White Spot Ancistrus 
L-163 Big Spot Peckoltia
(Peckoltia Sp.)
L-169 Gold Stripe Panque
(Panaque Sp.)
L-177 Irri Yellow Seam Pleco
(Baryancistrus Sp.)
L-180 White Spot Ancistrus
(Ancistrus Sp.)
L-182 Starlight Ancistrus L-183 White Seam Ancistrus  L-184 Brillant Ancistrus  L-090 Papa Pleco
L-182 Starlight Ancistrus
(Ancistrus Punctatus)(Tank Raised)
L-183 White Seam Ancistrus
(Ancistrus Dolichopterus)
L-184 Brillant Ancistrus
(Ancistrus Sp.)
L-190 Royal Pleco
(Panaque Nigrolineatus)
L-191 Broken Line Royal Pleco L-199 Orinoco Zebra L-200 Green Phantom L-201 Inspector Pleco
L-191 Broken Line Royal Pleco
(Panaque Sp.)
L-199 Orinoco Zebra Pleco
(Hypancistrus Furunculus)
L-200 Green Phantom Pleco
(Baryancistrus Demantoides)
L-201 Inspector Pleco
(Hypancistrus Sp.)
L-204 Flash Pleco L-205 Peckoltia Brevis L213 Tapjos Ancistrus  L-226 Iquitos Tiger Pleco
L-204 Emperor Flash Pleco
(Panaque Sp.)
L-205 Peckoltia Brevis L-213 Tapjos Ancistrus
(Ancistrus Sp.)
L-226 Iquitos Tiger Pleco
(Panaque Changae)
L-234 Sao Francisco Megalancistrus L-239 Blue Panque L-240 vampire pleco  
L-234 Sao Francisco Megalancistrus
(Megalancistrus Parananus)
L-239 Blue Panque
(Baryancistrus Beggini)
L-240 Galaxy Vampire Pleco (Big Spot)
(Leporacanthicus Cf. Galaxias)
L-241 Galaxy Vampire Pleco
(Leporacanthicus Cf. Galaxias)
(Fine Spot)
L-253 false goldy  L255 Spotted Medusa  L-260 Queen Arabesque Pleco  L-264 Sultan Pleco 
L-253 Scobinancistrus Sp. L-255 Spotted Medusa Pleco
(Ancistrus Sp.)
L-260 Queen Arabesque Pleco
(Hypancistrus Sp.) - (Tank Raised)
L-264 Sultan Pleco
$50.00 ea wild brazil
L-270 Chocolate Zebra L-309 Tapajos Ancistrus  L330 Spotted Royal Pleco  L333 Yellow King Tiger xlg
L-270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco
(Hypancistrus Sp.)
L-309 Tapajos Ancistrus L-330 Spotted Royal Pleco L-333 Yellow King Tiger Pleco
(Hypancistrus Sp.)
L340 Hypancistrus sp  L - 378 Molted Ancistrus  Hypancistrus  L-418 Green Panque
L-340 Mega Clown Pleco
(Hypancistrus Sp.)
L-378 Molted Ancistrus L-411 Hypancistrus Sp. L-418 Green Panque
(Panaque Sp.)
LDA01 Gold Stripe Panque Lda-31 Mustard Spot Pleco LDA33 Snowball Pleco  LDA72 Ancistrus Pleco 
Lda-01 Gold Stripe Panque
(Panaque Sp.)
Lda-31 Mustard Spot Pleco
(Panaque Albomaculatus)
Lda-33 Snowball Pleco
(Baryancistrus Sp.)
Lda-72 Ancistrus Pleco
Longfin Albino Ancistrus Chocolate Ancistrus  Albino Ancistrus   
Longfin Albino Ancistrus 2" Longfin Chocolate Ancistrus 2" Albino Ancistrus 2" Brown Ancistrus 2"
Blue Eyed Panaque  Xantos pleco     
Blue Eyed Panaque Xantos pleco