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Tropical Freshwater L Series Plecostomus (Page 2)

We specialize in the biggest selection of wild caught pleco’s.

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L Series Plecostomus

L-190 Royal Pleco wild
L-190 Royal Pleco

L-191 Broken Line Royal Pleco
L-191 Broken Line Royal Pleco
L-199 Orinoco Zebra
L-199 Orinoco Zebra Pleco
L-200 Green Phantom
L-200 Green Phantom Pleco
L-204 Flash Pleco
L-204 Flash Pleco
L-205 Peckoltia Brevis
L-205 Peckoltia Brevis Pleco

L-226 Iquitos Tiger Pleco
L-226 Iquitos Tiger Pleco
L-234 Sao Francisco Megalancistrus
L-234 Sao Francisco Pleco
L-239 Blue Panque
L-239 Blue Panque Pleco
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